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Brand EQ Consulting

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Personal branding and career navigation designed for the next generation of collaborative leaders.

We are here to

help you define, harness, and position your unique brand for growth.


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Brand EQ Consulting

Brand EQ Consulting refocused the marketing model from tangible brands to people. We are a team of passionate marketers that have spent decades examining what it takes to be distinctive, memorable, and true to core values as a means to drive growth.

We are inspired by the grit, determination, and authenticity of the young professional workforce and want to be the fuel that ignites them on their journey to become future leaders that will write new rules, build new bridges, and lead living their values everyday.


For clients

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Brand Identity Workshop

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Brand Growth Plan

Define & Align

Strategy & Execution

Dive deep into who you are and what you stand for. Clients walk away with a clear articulation of their unique value proposition and aligned goals.

Situational analysis where we assess where you are vs. where you want to go and arm you with tools to get you there faster.


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Multi- Cultural People
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High-Po Talent Pipeline

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Culture Consulting

Future PRoofing

Connecting cultures

EQC clients are next-gen leaders that have the competence and character to match. If you are looking for the best in the emerging talent pool, look no further.

We've honed our craft by understanding human connections across generations. If you need a team culture make-over, we can help.

Why work with us

Because the competition is fierce and you need a strategy to stand out.


Million US Gen-Z in and entering the workforce

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Tightening labor market


Way to advance is to have a vision for yourself and career

What our clients say about us

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I learned so much about myself and was pushed to think about my strengths and my blind spots.

-Madyson Scott

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The consulting sessions felt personal and inspirational. I leave each meeting feeling more confident, courageous and empowered to be the leader I'm meant to be. The tough love approach is what I needed.

-Javi Lopez

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Beyond words. Best decision I made in my career thus far and opened my eyes to things I didn't see before. Sometimes it's not about what we accomplish but how we accomplish it and I care so much about that now.

- Angela Whitney

Get a consultation

Brand EQ Consulting sessions are designed and scaled to match your unique needs. The first "chem" session is on us and then we draw up a plan to get you where you are meant to be going.